We thank you for having visited, we appreciate your visit and we wish that has been pleasant. Your privacy is for us a value to preserve, it is for this that is very important to clarify our position about the treatment of the personal data so that to reassure you on the navigation inside our site and on the use of its interactive potential. Visiting our web site there simply is not way for us to discover some personal information. We are able to reconstruct the accesses to our site, but only in order to compile statistics and quantitative analysis which are not to disposition of third parts.

Following a summary is brought related to the practices of treatment and maintenance of the data retrievable from the visits to our web site. N.B. The notes related to our politics and to our privacy statements concern only and exclusively this site.


In the case the users had to decide to communicate us their data via Internet, such as name or e-mail address, it will be our care to always hold the data provided and keep them informed on as their personal information will be used, respecting their wish and rights on them, in the case in which they did not desire the use of it for following contacts or to commercial purposes. Information are guarded in protected systems whose entered it is reserved to personal authorized to guarantee of the secretiveness of the data.

Tracking/Cookie Technology
There are some systems that operate on the Web founded on the technique of the cookies, and we could decide to adopt her. A cookie it is a bit of information that a site stores in your computer, to follow the traces of the various developed activities and to remember the states of the preceding sessions. If it is not desired that the cookie is installed in end user own computer, it is possible to plan end user own browser so that not to accept these data or at least so that to be told if one of them is to be inserted in the system.

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